How to schedule a post on Facebook (with Postfity)?

Do you want to try out post scheduling on Facebook or other platforms? Are you a social media manager? Read all about scheduling in Postfity.

Have you just begun your social media journey? Or, alternatively, you’ve been posting for a long time, but you haven’t tried out a Facebook post scheduler yet? Planning and scheduling makes your social media work that much easier. A scheduler tool is most definitely indispensable for a social media manager. Let’s see what the hubbub is all about.

Get to know the stats on Facebook’s popularity

Facebook remains the biggest social media platform in the world. It can be proven with statistics. For example, the number of daily active users on Facebook in the second quarter of 2021 reached 1.9 billion. The trend shows that FB is still on the upswing. In the United States, 25.7% of users are aged 25-34. Then, the age groups 18-24 and 35-44 have gathered 18.1% of users each. More than 30% of users are over 45 years old. This means there is a huge market to be used, and you should start thinking how to schedule a post on Facebook to drive the customers to your fanpage or page.

Most importantly, you should work on your organic reach and leverage organic posting. Don’t overuse Facebook ads and paid posts. Moreover, you can take advantage of special tools for Facebook posting that will help you work smarter, not harder.

How to schedule a post on Facebook — finding the right content

What’s the most important thing about your post? Obviously, it’s contents, what it’s saying and showing. First of all, you have to think of the right strategy for your niche or trade. Working on your communication can be a long process, and might require some professional tools. Secondly, you must remember that a company doesn’t have to be serious in all its posts. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s important for the general audience to feel included, so making your posts relatable is definitely the right strategy. Just don’t push it, don’t try to be to hip and trendy. Remember to mention and celebrate holidays and occassions. Furthermore, show your business from the inside, introduce your employees, show parts of the process.

Do you need some inspiration for your posts? We’ve got just the tool for you. Check out Social Tips Calendar from Postfity.

Postfity gives you inspiration for posts in the form of Social Tips Calendar and Ideas. The former shares ready-to-use post templates with text, hashtags, and pictures. You can post directly from the calendar by clicking on the “Use post” button. You can use everything that’s presented in the social tips and ideas, and modify it to suit your needs. Add your own photos and personal touches, and simply schedule the post.

How to schedule a post on Facebook: inspiration from Social Tips Calendar

How to schedule a post on Facebook with the right tool

There are various scheduling tools available on the market, but they are definitely not the same. First of all, there are tools and services who let you post to Facebook and Instagram. Some schedulers make you pay for every new social media account and don’t have affordable pricing plans. Most importantly, you need to know what you want from your social media scheduling tool. For easily managing your pending posts, you would require a calendar view, tips for content, planning for specific hours and to different time zones. All of those functionalities are available in Postfity. If you want to compare Postfity with another tool, search for it on our blog. One example is provided in this link.

Other features available with Postfity

Let’s analyze all the features and functionalities of Postfity. See what you can do with the tool and why you need it. With Postfity you can:

  • schedule and publish to multiple profiles directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and VKontakte,
  • make drafts and a pending list of up to 10,000 social media posts,
  • use the calendar view to manage your posts, publish and plan posts for each day of the month,
  • work with a team, grant different access levels, and send draft packages for approval,
  • post photos and videos to your profile,
  • edit your photos with a built-in image editor,
  • watermark your photos with a built-in tool,
  • create Snapshots to share on Instagram and other social networks,
  • link to multiple pages at once in Instagram and TikTok bios with,
  • save and add group of relevant hashtags with Snippets,
  • use Ideas and Social Tips Calendar with ready-to-use texts, hashtags, and images to engage your audience daily.
How to schedule a post on Facebook: calendar view in Postfity
Calendar view desktop view

Postfity continues to work on the tool and adds new functionalities a few times a year. Start your Postfity social media adventure with our Free Trial!

How to schedule a post on Facebook with Postfity

After signing up and logging in to Postfity, you need to connect your Facebook account. Remember that you can schedule to any account, business or regular, and to Facebook groups. All it requires is just a few easy steps.

Connect your group or your account with the plus icon on the left.

How to schedule a post on Facebook in a group

In the “Create” tab, you need to select the account by clicking on it. Then, you just need to write something in the edit box, paste a link or a paragraph, add a picture.

How to schedule a post on Facebook in Postfity

Moreover, you can choose emoticons and add entire groups of hashtags. Postfity lets you know how many characters you have left and how many more hashtags you can fit in. Also, you can shorten your links simply by clicking on them.

How to schedule a post on Facebook in a few easy steps

Then just click “Schedule”, select the right time zone and hour, and click accept the post with another click.

Now that you’ve learned all that, you’re ready to schedule your first post. Go to your Postfity panel and get to writing!

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