Enjoy summer with Postfity content creation supporting tools — check out new features we’ve added

Want to save more time while planning on social media or simply relax on holidays? Check out the newest Postfity features.

One thing is certain — Team Postfity was busy as a bee this year and we’ve launched a whole bunch of useful features for our users! So you can save more time while planning posts on social media or simply relax on holidays. 🙂

Check out the newest features we’ve added:

Feature #1 Snippets

The newest “baby” of Postfity Team and a feature you have all been probably waiting for! You can now add a saved text or many hashtags to your post at once.
You can easily create a list of Snippets i.e. for hashtags and reuse them in your posts.

Postfity features: snippets

No more searching for scattered tags every time you’re posting! 🙂
Moreover, you can edit each and every Snippet that you have saved. This feature is available directly in post creation area (edit box) — you’ll find Snippets icon in the upper-right corner. Read this guide to learn how to use it.

Feature #2: Notifications about unpublished posts and new comments for Drafts

The posts have been scheduled, you’re gone but… what if something goes wrong, SoMe have a glitch (we all remember Twitter crashed in the last days of June) and they won’t get published?

No worries — Postfity team just added new kind of notification about unpublished posts. So, if anything goes wrong, you will be notified.

This kind of notification will appear immediately: in the app and it is also sent via email to the publisher of the post. Then, you will be able to post your content again.

Postfity notifications

Same goes for notifications for Draft comments. Just a gentle reminder — if you use drafts to work with your customers, you can easily send them for approval (more about it here). Every time the draft receives a comment, you’ll be notified both in the app and via email.

Feature #3: Social Tips Calendar for Holidays 2021

Imagine: the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and a lazy afternoon in a hammock… We all need respite to recharge our batteries, and, what is more, we are the most productive when we are happy and rested. To help you save even more time we’ve prepared a Social Tips Calendar for Holidays 2021 with ready to publish post proposals for July and August! Because free time is about resting, not planning and publishing. Go to your Postfity panel and try it out!

Social Tips Calendar for Holidays


And if you like Postfity’s tools that help you create and publish content, see the most important updates in your favourite (and most affordable!) social media scheduler in 2021.


Postfity tool that makes linking on social media as easy as pie. Create sophisticated URL sites for Instagram and TikTok bios, and other pages. You can create minisites for each social profile or gather all your important social URLs in one place.



Track traffic and boost your SoMe performance. Find out more here.

Post Drafts for Approval (+ external approval)

Collaborate with your co-workers, employees and clients more effectively on creating and approving post content. You can easily create drafts for approval of your clients and share them via a URL. They don’t need a Postfity account to see and approve/reject your drafted posts!

What is more, you can create Post Drafts for your own private use. Learn more about it here.


Have you ever seen screenshots of Tweets on Instagram and wondered how people can Tweet to Instagram? Well, we’ve got the answer you need:

Features: Snapshot generator

Turn your Tweets into Instagram posts. Or any text into a attractive image in just a few clicks with Postfity’s Snapshot Generator.  Find out more in here.


Facebook Group Scheduling

You can also automate Facebook Group Posts with Postfity. Simply add the groups you manage and start scheduling posts to multiple groups at once! Read more about it here.


Which one of Postfity’s features is your favourite? 😉 

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