Essential Twitter metrics to measure performance

How to measure Twitter performance? With these Twitter metrics, you will be able to gain more audience and potential customers.

Twitter is a platform where you can share 140 characters-long information. It is convenient for users as you can find tweets based on the tags you add to them. However, as a company, the most important thing you should learn is how Twitter metrics work. 

Twitter metrics is a powerful tool that helps you measure your profile’s performance. If you know how it works, you will be able to analyse it better. That means you will plan better strategies and marketing campaigns in the future. 

This tool can help you with getting to know your audience better as well. If you run a business, it is crucial to know your customer’s needs. That is why you should pay attention to your audience on the platform such as Twitter. 

Most important Twitter metrics 

Let’s see which insights you should focus on. 

1. Tweet impressions

Tweet impressions is one of the Twitter metrics that show you how many people see your Tweets every day. 

Even though this rate might be high, the others still can below. If the “Tweet impressions” is high, but the number of “engagements” is low, it can mean that you are not creating the right content for your audience. It means that people who see your Tweets are not very interested in them – they do not do any actions on them. In addition to that, Twitter adds an impression to the overall number every time someone has your Tweet delivered to their stream. Unfortunately, it does not mean that someone is reading your Tweet. It appears there, but can be skipped like many others. 

One of the Twitter metrics "Tweet impressions".

2. Follower growth

This Twitter metrics help you with analyzing your audience growth. You can see it on the dashboard, and it shows you the results from the last 28 days. If you keep on checking it daily, you can see which tweet caused the raise in your followers’ number. In this way, you will be able to say what content is the most attractive one. 

Dashboard of Twitter metrics.

3. Top Tweets

Top Tweets is one of the Twitter metrics that help you look deeper into your content and analyze it. It displays your top Tweets (measured by impressions). Looking into that, you can understand what your most common posts have in common and then create other content based on that. Maybe they are visually more attractive and have many emojis? Or you use a more convincing tone in them? Try to look at them from many perspectives and make a conclusion. 

To access this Twitter metrics, go into statistics. Then, under your Tweet click on the “view all Tweet activity” button. 

Postfity's top Tweet.

Then, choose the “Top Tweets” tab. 

Chart of the tweets impressions, which is one of the Twitter metrics.


4. Engagement rate

It is one of the Twitter metrics with which you will be able to analyse your content attractiveness. It shows you how many people reacted to your Tweets whether it was detail expands, link clicks, profile clicks, retweets, and others. 

If your tweets do not have a high engagement rate, you can rethink your Tweeting strategy and maybe create more engaging content. Try different tones, formats, maybe you can add a photo or video.

You can find it in the “all Tweets activity”. 

Comparison of "engagements" and "engagement rate" Twitter metrics.

By clicking on the particular Tweet, you will be able to see more “engagements” details in your “Tweet activity”. 

Detailed information about engagements.

Alternative tool – Postfity 

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We offer our services on the most popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vkontakte – the ‘Russian Facebook’. We have over 150,000 users happy with our services. 

Analyse Twitter metrics with Postfity

You can easily analyse your Twitter page with Analytics. Choose the appropriate Twitter account and go to the “analytics” tab, where you can generate easy-to-read charts. You will be able to compare the results, as you can see in the photo below. 


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You can also choose the appropriate date range as well as add more charts. 


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Thanks to Postfity’s tool, you can easily analyse the most important Twitter metrics most efficiently! You can also compare the charts and results, which can give you even more ideas on how you can improve your content. 

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